About Myself

BENEDEK OLGA  porcelain designer, diploma: Moholy-Nagy University Of Art, porcelain major


I did my diploma work at the Hollóházi Porcelain Factory, where I returned several times, and one of my sets was also put into production. 

I also worked by invitation in a bone china factory in England, where one of my works was started to be made as an ikebana vase for Harrods.

I  worked on a scholarship in Canada, and in Hungary at the Kecskemét International Ceramics Studio, among others.

These days I works in my own studio, where I also holding  pottery workshops for students of all ages from around the world.


Porcelán teáskészlet

Porcelán teáskészlet

Porcelán tál

Porcelán teáskészlet

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